LULAC Statement On Biden-Harris Victory

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today (November 7) issued the following statement:

Domingo Garcia – LULAC National President
“On behalf of the League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, I congratulate the Biden-Harris team on their victory and wish them both our warmest regards. We look forward to working with them on the important issues facing more than 60-million Latinos and our entire nation, first and foremost being comprehensive immigration reform within the first 100 days. Also, LULAC is committed to working with them on ensuring that Latinos are included in their Cabinet appointments to reflect the growing diversity of our country. As important and our immediate priority is to stand with them and actively fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Our best wishes and we look forward to the years ahead of their leadership.”

Sindy Benavides – LULAC Chief Executive Officer
“The conclusion of this election now allows our country to return to the process of continuing to work on the issues confronting all Americans, 60-million Latinos included. We are still battling the effects of a pandemic that is hitting our community with twice the rate of infections as other sectors and a rate of death far above our percentage of the population. Also, access to health care services and distance learning education is paramount within our communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Plus, Congress must do more to help our small businesses and provide protections for every Latino men and women who are the essential workers and lifeblood of virtually every sector of industry. Our senior citizens and people with special needs including those suffering from mental illness need attention desperately and too many men, women and children are experiencing hunger on a daily basis. It is heartbreaking to witness these broken promises of an American Dream, here for some, while others are marginalized. Neither can we delay increasing shelter for the homeless and caring for our veterans. I am encouraged by the sheer volume of Americans who voted and I am confident that our better, kinder spirit as a nation will triumph. To our Latino community, thank you for turning out to vote despite the pandemic, voter suppression, voter intimidation, underinvestment, disinformation, and misinformation. My hope and prayer now is that we will unite as a country and elect the higher path of courage to come together again for the betterment of all. Together We Rise.”

Alicia Pagán – LULAC Ohio State Director
The election outcome shows, there is still a lot of work ahead to healing and becoming one nation, All for One and One for ALL.
However,  we are again affirmed, the People’s Voice is heard! The People’s Voice has Power! The People’s Voice will impact Policy through collaborative empowered civic engagement!  LULAC Ohio will continue to keep you informed on how to be engaged.
Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, our first woman Vice President!