LULAC Ohio and NAACP mourn together and celebrate American Hero John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis

Good Trouble”.  “Every generation leaves behind a legacy. What that legacy will be is determined by the people of that generation. What legacy do you want to leave behind?” —John Lewis

LULAC Ohio shares its deepest condolences at the passing of the beloved Congressman John Lewis. He is remembered as a “Titan of the Civil Rights”, an Uniter of the Human Family, not afraid to make Good Trouble.

Our hearts are saddened, and our spirits embolden by his Call to Action — when we see something that is wrong or unjust, we have a moral obligation to Say something… Do something!

LULAC and NAACP Stand Together in memory of John Lewis, and all the heroes and sheroes whose sacrifices continue to Light the journey to Equity.

We STAND TOGETHER, to Speak Out and Do Something … Not be afraid to make “Good Trouble” and work collaboratively, non-violently to achieve EQUITY and justice in our Country…in the World.

We invite you to join us in our “Black and Brown Agenda for Equity in Ohio”. We will share information on our collaborative work towards Equity, in the coming weeks. Together we will focus on Civic Engagement through CENSUS, Voter Registration and advocacy for Anti-racism public policy and practice.

Viva John Lewis…, Viva Re. C.T. Vivian… Viva, “The Dream”! 
Together We Stand… Unidos! …United!

Alicia Pagán

LULAC Ohio State Director

Senator Tom Roberts